Fiedler's Apotheke was founded with a simple idea:

"I want to give full control to the consumer and deliver toxin-free personalized body care products with high quality organic oils."

Elif Fiedler

It all started...

... during a time I was questioning every single product I put on my skin. I was expecting. And I realized that almost all products that appear to be natural on the market were actually filled with chemicals. Natural oils were my only saving grace at this time. Post-delivery I decided that it made no sense to go back to a regimen that could potentially be harmful to my child or myself.

Organic, Personalized & Contemporary

These were the concepts I wanted to reflect to my brand after I completed my aromatherapy certification program in New York. Starting with a simple and clean formulation of high quality organic oils in intelligently designed packaging giving full control to the consumer. Every person is unique and deserves a unique solution.

It's not only a body care product

As Fiedler's Apotheke we believe in the importance of uniqueness, individuality and empowerment of the contemporary consumer. Fiedler's Apotheke is not only a brand but a life stance and attitude (Weltanschauung) for those who tend to challenge choices and ask for more. The Body Serum is only the first of many more products to come in the future where you can apply the same notion of creating a bespoke organic product.

Elif Fiedler, Founder & Certified Aromatherapist